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The Hub – Getting Started

What Is The Hub?

The WP Top Hat HUB is the core of our service. Whether you are on our Standard or Pro plan, the HUB is where you will spend most of your time managing your sites. In this article, we will provide a brief introduction to the HUB and its awesome features. With the HUB, you can manage all of your sites in one place. This includes managing things like Updates, security,SEO, backups, and more. You can apply actions to all or some of your sites in a single click.  Let’s take a look at each feature of the Hub

I – My Sites

When you log in to the Hub, this is the first page you will see. This page will list all of the sites you have connected to the HUB. From here you can access all of the Hub tools. You can also add a new site from here by clicking the Plus sign in the upper right. You can access the tools by hovering over the site title and then clicking the tools you want to access. You can also click the site image to be taken to the site overview.

II – Overview

When you click a website in your sites list, you will be taken to the Overview page. From here you can view quick information about your sites including analytics, security, uptime, and performance information.


Clicking in any of the boxes on this page will take you directly to the relevant tools section.

III – Plugins and Theme


From here you can see all of the plugins and themes that you have installed as well as any updates that are available for them. You can also adjust automatic update settings in the Automate sub-tab.Have certain plugins and themes you do not want to automatically update? You can disable automate for that item.


IV. Security

The security tab gives you a quick overview of your website’s security activity. If there have been any suspicious activities you can see and analyze them from here. You can also run an on-demand security scan of your site from this tab.

The security tab requires the Defender plugin (included in your plan) to be installed and active. If you are on our Pro plan, we will manage this for you.

V. Performance

The Performance tab gives you details of how your site is performing. Metrics light image optimization, page speed, response time and more are all covered here. You can run an on-demand performance test at any time.

This tab requires Hummingbird (included in your plan) to be active.


The SEO tab lets you see how your site is doing in terms of Search Engine Optimization. You can see where you can improve SEO for your site and run a new SEO checkup.

This tab requires Smart Crawl to be active on your site.

VII. Backups

In the Backup tab, you can create and restore your managed backups. You can manage our automated backups and create your own.

VIII. Uptime

This tab lets you make sure your site is staying up. You can see any downtimes that occurred and information about that downtime such as duration, possible cause, etc.

IX. Analytics






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